Goal Setting

I get asked very frequently what it is that keeps me motivated. Truth is, it changes. As it should for each and everyone of you.

Something I know to be true is that many times when talking to someone and you ask what his or her goal may be the will say it without thinking twice. We tend to know the WHAT, the WHEN, and sometimes even the HOW, but we tend to forget the WHY.

The WHY is probably the most important part of goal setting. Knowing what we want and by when is the easy part. Knowing how can be challenging, but the why is always the hardest question to ask.

Think about your goal, WHY do you want to do it? To look better, okay cool in who’s eyes? Yours? Your spouses? You relatives? Your friends? Society?

Why do you want to lose weight/gain muscle? Is it a vanity thing? Is it for your children? Your own health? What is it that drives you? This is HUGE. And can become a very personal answer, a very emotional and sensitive topic. And I get it, I do, I truly understand how wanting to feel* good is completely different than just wanting to lose an x amount of weight. Because at that point the numbers do not matter, the only thing that will matter is how YOU feel* about YOU. Because to anyone else you might look great, and you have kicked ass and worked so hard, but if YOU do not feel* that way then you will continue to fight for that goal.


So, I will tell you all what I tell each and every one of my clients. Think about what you want out of health and fitness, whether it is a number of inches, a body fat %, a number of pounds in a specific exercise, or repetitions, ANYTHING. Think about it, and write it down. Write down your goals from your biggest goal to the smallest one. One that will take a very long time to reach and one that can be done in a week, a month, etc.

Now after you have written them down, write yourself a note. A note to tell yourself WHY you are doing this. Or maybe another list of reasons why, either way tell yourself WHY you want to do it. Every reason, write it down.

Every time you get discouraged, you don’t have the energy, you get off the wagon, you lose motivation, go find that list and that note. Read it aloud, over and over again as many time as you need to, to remind yourself why you started to do this. A health and fitness journey is not always an easy one. Breaking old habits is definitely a challenge we all face, sometimes we do not have the support from others we would like to have. So we get discouraged, we lose sight of the big goal or we simply lose motivation. And guess what? IT IS OK. We are humans, we are not perfect, and it happens! Just read that note and remind yourself why you started this journey to begin with.

I personally keep a workout journal. I write down the list on the very first page of it, and it is followed by a note to myself. Yes, I am that “cheesy”. But it works! Every time I hurt myself, I tell myself it is ok, to listen to my body and let my body heal. Every time I don’t feel like hitting the gym, or I have not been seeing the results I want to see I read it. I read it and smile because it reminds me why I do what I do.

Every month, I write down new small goals. Goals that I know can be attained that month, to motivate me to reach my big goal. So, I challenge you all to do this! Try it a couple of times and let me know what you think! You can do this for ANYTHING in life, not just health and fitness. I do this for school, and work as well as simple goals for myself.


Hope this helps you all just a tad to keep your eyes on the price and never look back!



Your favorite PT




A lot of you may know that I hurt my back a few months ago. It physically hurt, obviously. The pain was excruciating the first entire week of it, to the point to where if I did not have to be out of bed, I simply did not. The following three weeks I did not work out other than whatever it was I needed to do at work to demonstrate different exercises. I was eager to get back to the gym, I was ready. I got out to the gym floor and began working out with nothing but body weight movements. It was definitely something I was not used to but I knew that if I jumped into heavy weights too quickly I would only hurt myself even more. About eight weeks back to training and I was about 40% of where I had been before I got injured. I got new lifting shoes for Christmas and I was eager to try them, they were wonderful.

I began lifting again, and tried out heavier weights little by little. And then it happened, again. I did a KB swing, ONE and I was on the floor with tears in my eyes. Yes, physically it hurt, and it hurt worse than the time before. But emotionally, and mentally it just absolutely destroyed me. The gym is my therapy; it is my home away from home, where I get my “me” time. It is also my job, literally. I am a personal trainer; I spend half of my days at the gym. I felt it was almost a slap on the face, a “jokes on you” from life. It has not been easy, and I will not sit here and lie to you about it. My body in the past four months has changed; I can see the muscle mass I have lost, and the fat that I have found. My energy levels have declined, sleeping patterns are all sorts of screwed up and I just don’t feel as confident as I have been in the past.

So now it is MY turn to say “HA, JOKE IS ON YOU LIFE!” because I am not going to let this stop me. In fact, I want to use this as my chance to tell ANYONE who has ever experienced an injury and is trying to get back to it, “I feel you.” But for real, I know it sucks. I know you may not feel as confident, as strong, as fast, as in shape. I truly do get it. This is the most unhealthy I have felt in a few years and it shows. I cringed when I saw myself in a bikini as my “before” picture. But it is okay, because in 12 weeks I know I will not be there anymore.

So as vulnerable and embarrassing I feel my “before” picture is, I am sharing it in the hope to do several things:

  1. Motivate ANYONE out there who thinks they cannot do it. YOU GOT THIS SHEEET!
  2. Show the world, NO ONE IS PERFECT. Even your personal trainers deal with their own struggle. After all WE ARE ALL HUMAN.
  3. To CHALLENGE ALL OF YOU to join me in this journey
    1. Go to mytransphormationstartstoday.com it is an ongoing contest for anyone who is interested I will be posting more info!!
  4. Keep MYSELF accountable, this picture is not my best but I can promise you all, it will not last long!
  5. To show YOU GUYS, we ALL start SOMEWHERE! It will take time, it will take patience, lots of work but I’m DYING to prove MYSELF!!

For anyone who was seeing great results, and for whatever reason stopped and found all the weight they lost, now is your time to transphorm!

For anyone who feels like they are the most unfit they have been in years, NOW is your time to transphorm!

For anyone who has been wanting to FINALLY put a stop to the negative self image, now is your time to transphorm!

For anyone who has been held back physically because of an INJURY, now is your time to transphorm!

For anyone who sees themselves in the mirror and is ready to change what they see, now is your time to transphorm!

For anyone who is ready to make a LIFE STYLE change, now is your time to transphorm!

For anyone who thinks they are too far away from where you used to be so you cannot get back to it, now is your time to transphorm!

For anyone who just needed a wakeup call, say enough is enough now is your time to transphorm!

And last but not least, for anyone who thought every instagram “fit” page is perfect, I GUARANTEE you they were NOT always that way. They all had a wakeup call, a “I’m done with this sheet, I need to do something about it”. No one is perfect, and not every single person you look up to is willing to be VULNERABLE enough to show their before. Well, as much as this hurt my pride, I needed a wakeup call and let me tell y’all I am quite awake.

There is a fire burning inside of me and I will be doing weekly posts, weekly blogs and at least one video a week to help ANYONE who wants to join me!



Your favorite PT

PS. I love you all and I hope you ALL realize, if you have ANY questions, want to talk about ANY health, exercise or ANYTHING just shoot me a text, a call or a good ol’ facebook message!

Pumpkin Puppy Treats

I am way too excited for this y’all and so are Thor & Heidi 💙🐶💙

With the scent of pumpkin in the air everywhere you turn lately I just wanted to repost this recipe that I posted this pat May to remind you all that puppies love Pumpkin too!!!

Our 3 bulldogs love these treats and actually prefer them to any store bought treats!  The best part- They are all ‘good for them’ ingredients.  They are inexpensive and easy to make.

You can make a large batch and freeze them for up to 2 months.  Store treats in an airtight container or plastic baggie in the fridge.  Your pups will thank you!

These are also very soothing for their tummies.  I first made them to help soothe Charleys (pictured below) upset stomach one day.  THey worked like a charm and they loved them so much I make them on the regular.

Add some fresh parsley to them to freshen their breath too!

Tummy Soothing Treats

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Taking a leap of faith

Screenshot_2015-09-07-23-42-04-1The first time I had a client thank me for pushing her, for believing in her and for not letting her quit I cried all the way home. Yes, tears flowing down my face.

They kept flowing as I told my mom all about it.I had a moment of pure happiness. I had never felt like what I was getting paid to do as a job could make such an impact.

I have always known my purpose in my life: to make a difference. I know my goals, I know my dreams and I know my passion. I have a passion for helping others. I also have a passion for a healthy and fit lifestyle. Anyone who has ever looked at my Instagram or asked me what I do for fun knows it. However, having a well paying steady job and going to school full time always kept me from applying to a gym or trying to become a trainer. I was getting paid a very good amount of money and it was a steady income, risking losing it just so I could do something I enjoyed more seemed like too big of a jump for me.

This summer I visited some family in Playa del Carmen. This was a life changing trip to say the least. I talk a lot, yes I am aware. But I also know when to be quiet and listen and that is exactly what I did. During this trip we had a few nights were we sat down as a family, sipped on tequila and talked. To be honest, I just listened and took it all in. My cousin and my aunt had a lot of advice to give us and I was all ears.

Long story short, my cousin made me realize something I kind of already knew but was too scared to act on. Money always flows, it comes and it goes but if you are working your ass off and are miserable doing it then is it worth it? He made me realize how much I really did not want to stay at a dead end job. A job where not only did I have no future in, but I had zero passion for it. That week I took a leap of faith and quit my job.

Just like that. YIKES!

I was scared out of my mind. I had no idea where to apply, if I could take my training exam in time, if I was going to make enough money to help my parents out with my bills. So I prayed. And I applied to a lot of different places, any where I thought I could grow my career in. Hospitals, therapeutic clinics and gyms. That narrowed down the number of places to apply really quick.

Two weeks later I was at 9ROUND trying it out for the first time. As the owner began to tell me about pricing and memberships I looked at him and said

“ I am not even going to lie to you, I am here for a job. I did the work out to see whether or not I am even capable of doing it because otherwise I cannot coach it.”

Fast forward two weeks later and I am in tears in my car telling my mom that I had found the perfect job for me. One where I could combine my passion for helping others and my passion for a healthy and fit lifestyle.

I do what I love and get paid to do it.

I get to motivate and push people past their own limits.

I get to teach them everything I know about training, form, technique, diet and most importantly wellness.

I get to see my clients sweat and push through it and not quit.

I get to watch them grow and be able to witness it all.

I get to make an IMPACT in someone’s life.

So if you’re reading this, I encourage you to do the same. Find your passion, find something you ABSOLUTELY love and turn it into a career if you can. I know it is not easy and some times the risk seems way too big to take. But I still say go for it!

I have HUGE goals, and I may not be a trainer or a coach for the rest of my life. But RIGHT NOW, this is the most rewarding job I have ever had and I would not change it for the world. I do not get the money I used to and that is completely ok with me because at the end of the day I go home with a smile on my face knowing what I am doing is making a difference one step at a time.



PS.If you are reading this, I am beyond proud of you. Keep going, seeing you push yourself motivates ME.

Miss Not So Confident… what no one wants to hear, yet someone has to say it.

This has been driving me insane. I have debated over and over again whether or not to post this or say anything at all.

But I have to be honest, no matter how hard I try to deny it…it haunts me.

It takes away the smile on my face.

Some times it even makes me shed a tear or two.

Or three.

So here it is: I may be THE biggest “Female Gym Douche” (See previous blog)

I MAY walk like I own shit at the gym ….cause I honestly DO believe so.

I MAY post picture after picture of myself flexing or posing, my “swolefies”

I MAY post really motivational quotes all over my Instagram and my twitter and my Facebook and blablabla


But to be honest OUTSIDE of the gym, I don’t always feel that way. I don’t always feel like a badass or a beast. I don’t always feel strong and buff and what not.

But most importantly, I don’t always feel that confident.

To be honest, I usually don’t. In fact, outside of the gym I have a constant battle with myself.

No, it’s really not about having a six pack to me or the butt of a Kardashian (PSA: IT’S FAKE, don’t even kid yourself) or being “photoshoot ready”. It’s about how I FEEL* not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.

I was recently in a trip in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Mexico. Most amazing trip I have ever been in, and I have been blessed to have had my share. (I will share some stories and lessons learned soon!)

Point is that I had worked my ass off for it. I had actually done my share of proper dieting and extra cardio all to do what I was dreading the most…wear a bikini DUN DUN DUN.





BUT CLAUDIA YOU LOOK ___*insert compliment here*____

Again, at the gym I RUN THAT SHIT…outside AND in a bikini…ha.



yeah. no.

Hence why I say it is about how I FEEL*****

Anyways, so I was actually extremely excited. I had seen amazing results thanks to Emily Hayden’s 4 WEEK FAT BURNING PROGRAM. I was ready to not only wear that dang bikini but OWN it.

Well, then we get there and long story short I allowed myself to eat all of the local food and enjoy myself with my family. Bikini time came and I felt ok…I guess. My mom took a picture of my brother and I together in our bathing suits.

Let’s just say I made sure no more pictures were taken that day. BUT I still walked around in my bikini not caring what the world thought. That was until a few days later there was a comment on one of my pictures asking “And those rolls”

My heart sunk.

I was ready to crawl in the sand and be covered by it.

On a scale from little piggy to cow, it made me feel like a cow ready to give birth.

***NO, I do not think I am over weight, NO I am not trying to insult anyone, but I AM expressing how this made me FEEL**

I have so many friends who are 100 times more confident than I am in their own skin and I wish I was that way. I wish I saw myself as some others see me. But the truth is I don’t. And I have been battling this demon for as long as I can remember.

Sometimes I win, some times I lose.

It’s a battle I am not done fighting and I just want you guys and girls reading this who struggle with your body image or self confidence or any other demon…I want you all to know one thing:






Some times we say things to people not realizing how much it hurts them, even if they don’t show it.

So please, I ask anyone reading this to stop saying any of the following:

“Suck it in” *before taking a picture*

When did you get that *while pinching their stomach/arm/leg whatever

“And those rolls?”

“You used to be so skinny”

“You are too _negative comment___”

“You are not ____ enough

And ANYTHING along those lines, joking or not…it’s not cool brah


And if you look at YOURSELF and say these things you too…STOP IT.

K thanks,


Miss Not So Confident

PS. Never forget how far you have come, you may lose a battle every once in a while, but you have not lost the war. Never forget your goals, keep chasing them. NEVER SETTLE.

Like My Mama Does- Things My Momma Taught Me

Most of you have probably heard that one song “Like My Momma Does” by Lauren Alaina…no? GO LISTEN TO IT!

You are welcomed.

This song gets me each and every time because it just speaks to me. I grew up in a household of five with an older brother and a younger sister, with loving and caring parents. Words cannot describe how much my family means to me. It might be because I am Mexican and naturally we are family oriented, but after living in Texas most of my life, I have come to realize it’s definitely a southern thing as well. I absolutely love it. And do not dare to hurt my baby sister *boyfriend that shall not be named* or *any dude who is ever lucky enough to date her* because I WILL in fact hunt you down. And do not dare to talk about my momma because again, I will find you. Anyways, I’m getting off track here. Like my momma does has some very beautiful lyrics that make me realize how lucky I am to be able to sing along to every word because it does, in fact, describe me and my momma.

“She taught me how to smile when things get rough..”
And that she did. We all know life is not pretty, pink, and perfect. But my momma taught me to always keep my chin up with a huge smile on my face. Taught me that we have a choice on how we look at things, and we have the POWER to CHOOSE to be happy just as much as we could choose to be negative.

“When I love I give I all I’ve got, like my mother does…”

The way my mom looks a my dad is the way I want to look at my future husband. Believe me when I say, I give my significant other everything I have…why? Because that is exactly how my mother loves my father. My momma has shown me what unconditional love means. What it truly means to love someone through thick and thin. To forgive, and grow with love. And that love is not only shown towards my father, but towards my siblings and I, towards her entire family and friends as well. So yes, I have learned to love unconditionally, once I love you….you are kind of stuck.

PS. Just ask any guy I have ever dated if I treated him like a King…do it, I dare you.

“She sees everybody for who the really are, I am so thankful for her guidance…She helped me get this far”

Remember how I said I learned to love EVERYBODY unconditionally? Well sometimes that love is not returned…and I kind of giggle because I know my momma holds back so many “I told you so”s I have no idea how she does it, but time after time she gets it right. And thanks to her I know to love everyone unconditionally….but I also learned how to choose wisely who I keep in my life and who just happen to “slip” away.

“I let my temper fly, and she can walk away when she’s had enough..”

What, ME, temper? No….

Ok maybe some times, but you can thank my momma for my ability to learn to choose my battles wisely. She has so much patience and I have NO idea how she does it, but I write down as many notes as possible. So far I think* it’s working.

“When I’m weak and unpretty, I know I’m beautiful and strong because I see myself like my mother does..”

I cannot count the times I have felt this way and even more the times my mom has assured me I am beautiful inside and out. Sure, she may be biased, but we all know how good it feels to be reassured. Specially when I think I am not worthy of X, Y and Z. Or when I doubt my abilities to do something, she is there.

“She’s a rock, she is grace, she’s an angel, she’s my heart and soul, she does it all”

literally, the woman does it all. HOW? I have no clue but I sure do hope I can figure it out one day when it’s MY turn to be a mother. My momma has taught me how to be strong and graceful at the same time. She has taught me how to stand my ground, how to never give up, how to walk with a smile on my face, how to balance things on my plate. For all of it, thank you  momma.

“When I’m scared, I bow my head and pray like my mother does”

Amen. When I am scared, when I am angry, when I am lost, when I am found, when I am ha when I am sad, when I am overwhelmed when I am overjoyed, for everything: she taught me to bow my head and pray. She taught me to go to church every sunday. To read my bible and follow Him through it all. Thank you momma, for showing me the light and leading my way towards His way. Thank you Abuelita for this as well, for teaching me how to sing my heart out in church and know how to pray a rosary.

” When I look at her, I think, I want to be just like that”

but seriously. Do I even need to add to this one? Didn’t think so.

I know each and everyone of you has a motherly figure in your life who means as much to you as she does to me. And I am beyond grateful God has blessed me with you Mamita. Am so thankful you got stuck with me as your child and that you are the way you are. Thank you for your patience, unconditional love, your guidance, your support in everything I do. Thank you for being my everything. And Happy Birthday Momma!

Price Tag

There comes a time when you realize enough is enough. You have to stand up and do something. You know something has to chance you just have to figure out the how’s and why’s. When you have to stop giving it all away and start giving to yourself!

I am one who gives and does not fuss when little or nothing is given in return. I was taught to be selfless, to give and put others before myself. Always the last one to sit at the table and not serve herself until everyone has been served sort of person. I was taught to always forgive even when never asked for forgiveness. To smile even if someone has hurt me. I have amazing parents who always put themselves last. And I thank God for that.

And for that same reason I have learned to value myself. To know my worth. Only you hold your own price tag.

That price tag includes every little detail about you,  you know the ups then downs you’ve over come. The mountains you have climbed and the ones you have created. You know it like no one else.

 Also remember that in His eyes you are His perfect child. You are beautiful.  You are strong. You are funny. You are smart. You can and will conquer it all. Just remember that next time you try to sell yourself short.

With that said, I challenge you to figure out that price tag. Figure out your own worth. Figure out your own value and never self yourself short to anyone, even less yourself. Find your own worth. Figure out who you are and with that you’ll figure out your own value.

With love,
Your not always so douchy Femalegymdouche